*When will I receive my order? *

You will receive you order according to the time frame listed within the item detail. Each item is custom made therefore processing time is included in the estimated delivery date. If your item says it will ship in 2-3 weeks that is the time frame it will be shipped.

*Why does shipping take so long even though my item shows it is available? *

Inventory levels can either have 2 options: available or sold out. You will not be able to purchase an item that is listed as sold out. If an item is listed as sold out or only 1 available that means I no longer am making that item or quantities are limited to 1 left.

*Can I cancel my order because I do not want to wait so long for shipping? *

No. We do not grant cancellations or grant refunds based on needing an item sooner than the indicated shipping time frame. When you place the order, the details are clear on when your item(s) will ship. (Please see shipping policy)

*What do I do if my item arrives damaged? *

Please contact us within 24 hours of receipt so that we can address the issue. After 24 hours we cannot be responsible for any issues. Also, we are not responsible for lost packages but will assist you in filing a claim should this arise.